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about us

Image by William Bossen

about us.

Ocean Location is a youth powered initiative designed to empower and activate young people on every level. We believe in empowerment through information, inspiration and opportunities to take action. Ocean Location is a community, it's a platform for ocean activism that connects and amplifies young people in the fight for healthy and secure oceans.

welcome to the movement. 

Image by Li-An Lim
Image by Li-An Lim

A world where every young person is empowered, engaged and activated in the struggle for healthy and protected oceans. Where climate change, ocean conservation and environmental protection are at the forefront of conversations in companies, governments, classrooms, and communities. Where the fight for the earth unites us across cultures and generations instead of dividing us, and where the voices and actions of young people are amplified, respected, and listened to.

the vision
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climate justice protest
  • To make activism accessible and approachable

  • To build a network of united young people across the planet, working to defend and secure the ocean and the people it serves

  • To empower youth through information, inspiration and opportunities to take action

  • To create a global movement that prioritizes unity and empowerment.

the mission