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This was the idea that led me to found Ocean Location in 2019. The belief that there are millions of young people all over the world, ready to make change, inspired to take action, and determined to defend our oceans, and the future, who simply don't know where to start. 

I grew up in Fiji, a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, growing up in a community where livelihood, culture, and existence is so closely entwined with the health and safety of our ocean gave me a profound respect for the way oceans impact not only ecosystems and the environment but people and communities. The intersectionality of this fight, and it's overlaps with injustice and inequality make it necessary now more than ever for a platform that valued intersectionality, diversity, solidarity and empowerment in the movement for environmental justice in our oceans. 

I've always thought of myself as an activist, as someone who believed in making the world a better place, but at the same time I've always doubted the impact I could make, always doubted if things could be changed. It didn't take me many conversations with other young people to figure out that I wasn't alone. The fact of the matter is that activism is daunting. Gen z is faced with monumental problems that need solutions now, things like climate change and ocean conservation, and as the adults at the table continue to fall short, the task of saving the future has fallen upon our shoulders. 

This is no small task, and the funny thing is that while world leaders and politicians are quick to pass the responsibility of securing the planet onto young people - very few are focused on giving us the tools to succeed. It seems like we're being thrown into the deep end. 

Ocean location is about creating and giving young people those tools. We're built on the idea that there is, within every young person on the planet, the capacity to change the world. We want to build a community, a network of young people across the world who are informed, inspired and empowered enough to take action. Providing them with the resources, support, information and opportunities to take the world by storm.

To all of you reading this, whether you came looking for a means to make a difference, or you stumbled across Ocean Location I want you to know this: never forget that this is the fight of our generation. That lives and futures are at stake. That despite what the world would have us believe, when we're empowered, our actions will make a difference. 

Ocean Location. Turning inspiration into empowerment. 

Welcome to the movement. Let's do this.

All the love, 

founder and CEO

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Revolution is so often led by the young people that will inherit the world they are fighting for, but far less often do they win. For us, the fight to defend our climate and oceans is not one we can afford to lose. 

The year 2030 looms like a storm cloud over the promise of our futures, and world leaders across the globe remain passive. In response, young people are taking a stand, inspiring millions around the world. 

There is, however, a definitive difference between inspiration and empowerment. Inspiration is found in abundance all around us, from plastic tarnished seashores to rapidly intensifying natural disasters that devastate economies and take lives world over. It is much harder to find empowerment.


Jade Cave -- Founder and CEO